Do you feel assured?

I imagine there is some ancient research backing up the use of the “be assured” strips across toilets in a certain class of accomodation. I for one feel it really is a waste of money, as not only is it obvious when a bathroom has been cleaned, it’s also hard to catch anything nasty from a toilet.

Be afraid, however of unwashed bedspreads, blankets and pillows.

These can harbour nasties and are washed far less frequently. Ever had a cough or flu in a hotel? Wondered what happened to the bedspread after you left? I try not to, and I do know people that use towels to insulate themselves from the less clean bedding. Some are very frequent travellers.

So instead of the toilet strip, how about a checklist at the door – giving the dates when each item in the room was washed (those pillows seem to sit there forever), or better yet the number of guests that have used the item before you? Also why not ask guests to tell you (or quietly record) when they are a bit ill, so you can wash the full range of bedding?

Neither of these are palatable options of course as they cue the guests to start thinking uncomforting thoughts.

I’m not sure what the right answer is. At the moment it’s a trade off between health and cost – and one that even the best hotels call in favour of cost.

Meanwhile there’s a lot to be said for camping. And towels.

Published by Lance Wiggs