Leave me alone Gareth Morgan

Well done GMI. If you follow a recent advertisement for Gareth Morgan Investments and do the 10 Second test promo (five questions), click on “I’m not convinced – Tell me more” then you’ll get the screen above

“Leave me alone” is a wonderful way to acknowledge that this was a promotion, that we are all having fun here and most importantly although you are rejecting the product, it lets you walk away with a smile.

I can only assume that this is the influence of MOD.

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3 replies on “Leave me alone Gareth Morgan”

  1. I love GMK – the web interface (while *ever so slightly* clunky in areas – where’s Sam when you need him?) is an awesome step – and I love working out what infinitesimal percentage of Coca Cola, Microsoft or Google I’ve managed to own.

    I do my banking online, buy my power (Powershop) and now do my Kiwisaver too. There are a few things that come to mind that would be nice next…


  2. It is a nice touch. Further evidence of the MODSTA is where the “leave me alone Gareth Morgan” button goes to – namely the Consumers Institute. How many other fund managers would have the consumer-first attitude to send people there? None that I can think of. This campaign was floated as an example of a strong simple funnel at the last Webstock Mini.


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