New BNZ banking system is coming

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It looks like BNZ is creaking forward into the modern era with a new banking homepage.

Of interest is not so much the re-skin, but the “We’ll be adding great new features to internet banking”. That would be Xero personal I hope.

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5 replies on “New BNZ banking system is coming”

  1. what are the chances it is a proprietary system.

    ASB already has one, Kiwibank is going to launch one though it will allow other bank feeds apparently.

    What we really need is (or Xero peronsal free edition), not something that ties us to a specific bank.


  2. Hi Lance,

    Thanks for noticing our progress… we know we’ve some way to go, but are excited about our upcoming launch.

    As you’ve pointed out, a personal version of Xero will be coming soon… we’re still working on tweaking it as we speak. We havn’t spoken too much about it yet, as its still a little way off… but do get in touch, as we would welcome your opinion and thoughts on how we can make our online banking services better.


    Manager Digital, BNZ


  3. I really hope banks aren’t going to start using tools like Xero Personal to lock us in, because I can already see we’re heading down that route with Kiwibank and ASB offering their own.


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