No cheques sorry L V Martin

Dear L V Martin & Sons

I’d really like to pay your invoice. Unfortunately I don’t have a cheque book – not for years now. Please put on your invoice at least one alternative method of payment.
Many thanks

Frustrated of Wellington

P.S. It would have been better if you’d actually fixed my dish drawer in one of your two visits.

Published by Lance Wiggs


4 replies on “No cheques sorry L V Martin”

  1. They might want to update their letterhead at the same time. Their BNZ Centre and Rotorua stores doth don’t exist any longer!


  2. Seriously. Twice in the last month I’ve had to give a friend cash and get them to write me a cheque. It’s so irritating. The dark ages called and want their method of payment back.


  3. Geez Lance, haven’t you got anything better to do? Just pay your bill. You’re so obviously ‘up to the minute’ and awfully cool not having a cheque book but I bet they would let you pay via internet or credit card.


    1. They called yesterday and I paid by credit card. The issue is that they did not tell me how to do so on the invoice.

      I know I am not typical, but there are an increasing number of people that are the same.


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