It seems BNZ’s Xero personal will allow importing

From this screenshot over on Xero’s blog we see a National Bank account is reported in amongst the BNZ ones in a beta test of Zero Personal:

Actually the logo is for Kiwibank, while the text refers to National Bank. Either way Xero and BNZ are telling us that they’d like for external acccounts to be able to linked to Xero Personal inside BNZ – and that is good.

BNZ will call it MoneyMap, which is better than Kiwibank’s “Heaps” I suppose.

<update @teamXero says via Twitter: “Yes indeed, you can import data from any bank account but auto-bank feed from BNZ only to start with.”>

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2 replies on “It seems BNZ’s Xero personal will allow importing”

  1. Since the auto feed works on business accounts, my guess is it is BNZ that doesn’t want this feature rolled out to other banks, not the other way around.


  2. This actually looks a bit more “professional” than the Kiwibank solution (i.e not aimed at the yoof market so much.

    It will be nice if it is flexible and can deal with families and situations where sharing of expenses is involved. I tend to find these things limited and not how the real world operates but if anyone can do a good job it should be xero.


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