More Sky spam, and another letter

Dear Sky Sports

I am writing again.

Last time I received your spam we had a great conversation and you promised to make some changes – which you have, and well done. I pointed you towards New Zealand’s Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007 and the the handy guide for businesses,

and I suggested four actions. Let’s see how you did:

  • include a way for me to unsubscribe <done – thank you> from your puerile badly photoshopped spam.
  • include the name and address of the sender – who is the sending entity? <done: Sent to you by SKY Network Television Limited
    10 Panorama Road, Mt Wellington, Auckland, New Zealand. good stuff>
  • get my express consent to receive your spam <not done, but as you said last time this is apparently in the T&C’s>
  • tell me where you got my email address from <not done, but not illegal I guess>

So yes – well done. But there is one thing.

You guessed it – it’s the fact that I actually received the email below – and I really didn’t want to. So I have now clicked on the “If you would prefer not to receive communications of this type in the future, please tell us by clicking here” link and clicked “yes” on the functional yet terse page. We shall see whether there is a next time.

Oh – and the sender email address was: That doesn’t come across very well.

The signs are not good – friend wrote this to me when he received his version of the email – and he is not happy:

Last time they did this I phoned them and persisted in opting out of everything. But here it is again!

Don’t they ever learn?
Now I’m wasting the time of their call centre staff being angry and annoying.



Your unsolicited spam:

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2 replies on “More Sky spam, and another letter”

  1. Simple solution, don’t use Skys services. I certainly don’t miss not using them. It would also show them that their emails have cost them a customer.


  2. I feel your pain. I received one today that had the unsubscribe section, the problem being that they forgot to make the unsubscribe links clickable.


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