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1: John Key’s speech was not as bad as all that. The consensus around the political bloggers is that he is not doing enough, but I feel that we in NZ are actually doing pretty well (versus other countries) at the moment, and making dramatic changes to the balance of the economy could create wildly unpredictable side-effects.

I like the emphasis on taxes that are efficient, although I still wish for a simple yet low capital gains tax and GST to remain at 12.5% and an end to the distorting taxation system for share investments. And yes – the landlords will get their comeuppance at some stage.

There is surely a lot more to come but I  am happy that the Government seems intent on governing by consensus not fiat, and by increment and not by big blundering moves.

2: Bloggers can, and should, apply for the Qantas Media awards, but do so before March 1.

3: There sure is a lot of rubbish out there when searching for SEO and social marketing measurement tools.

4: Do you live in Wellington and are thinking of cycling to work? Sign up for some encouragement and inspiration at Active a2b

5: I am still in absolute awe about the Wellington Sevens experience. It was my first time since the first year – and the event was truly remarkable. Thanks to Natalie and friends for dragging me along.
toughing it out

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  1. Thanks Lance. Really happy to be ‘that girl’. Sometimes I could do without the links :)

    PS I’m convinced this whole thing about us not doing well is creating hype about us doing well so that we come round to the idea of digging up all our minerals. It seems to be a bit of a coincidence otherwise. But I’m all about the conspiracy theories.


  2. I agree on the patience front. Everyone, including John Key, has ruled out Roger Douglas as ever being able to contribute to NZ’s economic direction because we don’t like sudden changes. It seems the most vocal people (twittersphere, blogosphere, tabloidosphere) want an all mighty correction so they can show us how clever they were whereas it is much better to make some gradual shifts so the horse doesn’t bolt. Expect GST to come back down to 12.5% before the end of National’s 2nd term (which incidentally, they’ve just guaranteed by not doing what the bleaters want).

    Nice sevens photo!


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