Stop spamming me Dopplr

A gentle reminder to everyone that sends out email messages.

An unsubscribe link is a link that says “unsubscribe” and links directly to a page that says “thank you for unsubscribing” or “are you sure Y/N?”

An unsubscribe link is not “click here to login to your account and change your preferences, which means you need to remember your login details, fail and then retrieve a new password, navigate our complicated site and then figure out how to unsubscribe.”

If you want evidence – well here’s what happened when I started typing “” into my browser. The two links that Safari prompted for me, aside from the main domain name, are “forgot_password” and “account/email.”

Here’s Why
If a customer is sick and tired of receiving your emails, then every additional email she receives is increasingly annoying, and it makes her feel worse and worse about your company and product.

Eventually she will want out – and for companies it is damage limitation time.

Letting customers out as easily and as pleasantly as possible, leaving them with a final impression of professionalism and just a little humour (if you can pull it off) will soften their negative stance, and while they may not recommend your product to others, they won’t be as keen to disparage it either.

So poor Dopplr – the time has long since passed when I thought your service could be useful or even cool. I don’t want to go to your website, I want you to stop sending me emails and I certainly won’t recommend your service to anyone else.

So I’ve now closed my Dopplr account.

To give credit to Dopplr this was not too hard (once I had done the forgot password dance) The close account link was easy to find, I was able to give reasons why I wanted out, and they tell me that all is now deleted.

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4 replies on “Stop spamming me Dopplr”

  1. I’m with you. I hate it when I click an unsubscribe link and I have to log into “my account” to change email preferences. On occasion I’ve found it easier to add a Gmail filter which auto deletes emails from particular websites because the unsubscribe process was so convoluted.


  2. The funny thing about this is that making it easier for people to leave your service is one of the main selling points in getting them to join your service in the first place.


  3. An odd concept, but useful to consider when severing a relationship with a customer that endings are important to get right.


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