Why XT keeps failing

With a minor, I think, outage last night, Telecom’s XT isn’t racking up the best track record.

@NealRich is the engineer that put it all together – and to his credit he fessed up to it a FooCamp. I’m a big fan of the XT network  when it works – for my iPhone, and so I am grateful for everyone’s efforts at Telecom.

It was remarkable to hear from all of the the Telecom folks at Foo the story of how Telecom responded to the XT outages, and how it helped the organisation embrace the new web communication methods. It was a potentially transformational moment – and certainly a learning one. I hope it continues to help them drive change across the entire organisation.

However I just couldn’t help editing the picture Neal sent me though. Sorry

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4 replies on “Why XT keeps failing”

  1. I’m not sure if it’s right to say that Neal was the engineer who put all of XT together, despite his err, mea culpa moment at Foo.

    He probably does have a button like that though… :)


  2. OK, this multi-tasking thing is taking its toll… I meant that there were probably others than Neal working on this thing. Then again, if that’s not the case, it would explain why Neal looked a little tired.



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