So, Lingopal, you have 208,000 search responses

I was happy to see Lingopal returned 208,000 responses on Google. That’s pretty good right?

Well – it is, but it’s pretty humbling when compared to some other products.

I expected we’d be a lot smaller than “Sex”, “drugs” and “rock and roll”, and “Avatar” and “Apple” had great publicity. But “iPad”, which  didn’t even exist as a brand before this year, is approaching the popularity of drugs. Meanwhile Avatar and the iPhone are becoming almost as popular as sex.

So we have a long way to go.

Regardless – the reason for this post is to announce that we released 45 new iPhone applications in the Lingopal range – and they are all free. They are Lite versions of the 44 target language apps, along the Lingopal 44 (everything) application.

Try them out.

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