Apple increases market capacity by 12 times

During the weekend y I found out about Sidhe’s iPhone apps – marketed under the Pik Pok brand. They are a series of games that use a flicking motion to kick a ball – with Rugby, Football (European), Football (US) and AFL versions. Simple and fun.

However after I downloaded them they were nowhere to be found on my iPhone. It seems I’d run out of screen real estate, using up the 16 places on all 11 available screens – that’s 176 applications, for those counting.

I did manage to find those Pik Pok apps by searching on the phone, but it was clear that some apps would have to go, and that future buying would be constrained.

No longer.

The timely iOS4 version of the iPhone software, released today, lets you put up to 12 applications inside a folder. There seems to be the same number of pages (11), and so that means we can now have up to 2112 applications. That’s a lot of $1 apps.

It’s a clever move by Apple, one that will cost me dearly.

Published by Lance Wiggs