How to get rid of stock

A great daily deals experiment by MightyApe kicks off today – a marathon. They selling 3500 items, but deals are valid for only 10 minutes. I assume, and I hope for their sake, that the prices will be ridiculously cheap.

Here is the first installment. Nice simple design.

We shall see.

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4 Responses to How to get rid of stock

  1. Ben Lilley says:

    I’d say it’s working fairly well for them. I’ve watched over 5 items sell out completely already and I’ve managed to pick up a game I’ve wanted for a while plus two 4GB flash drives for $40. Stoked.


  2. Q says:

    Lance all your followers have overwhelmed the site…

    A good case for building ecommerce on hosted cloud.

    “We’re sorry — Mighty Ape is currently experiencing overloading due to heavy traffic. It’s not easy being so popular!

    The Daily Deals Marathon event has been temporarily paused while our web monkeys get things back under control. Check back soon…

    -Mighty Ape

    PS: You can still browse the rest of the site! “


  3. DP says:

    on the deals today:

    Exile on Mainstream – matchbox 20 $15 sold out, but when you click through to the product page it says in stock and the price has changed to $21.99

    AVLabs AVL683LE USB Digital TV Tuner (PC & Mac)$35 sold out
    product page: $79.99 in stock…

    thats weird


  4. q says:

    @DP the price in your cart was only valid as long as they had stock so would expire.

    The sale worked well and I purchased a few things I hadn’t planned to.


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