Well done Telecom, you made it easy

Telecom’s store also has the mock phones. But they have a nice low use prepay data plan, a friendly guy giving tips on how to cut a mini sim and no form in sight. Nik gave his name and address, and that was that.

Indeed they even offered to cut the SIM card for Nik – superb service.

Well done Telecom. Your store outperformed Vodafone’s in every way. The staff were wonderful with Nik receiving constant attention from 3 during his visit. They even put the right settings into the iPad.

Of course the Vodafone store had a lot more customers coming to and fro.

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    1. It was, from memory, $30 for 500GB (or maybe $30 for 250 GB), and you could double that by spending $30 more. Above that the normal usurious rates (in this case $100/GB) kick in. It’s a good plan for something like an iPad, though something not tied to months would be better.


  1. I think they might announce some new plans specifically with the Ipad in mind, as Voda did today. XT is the better netwrok for the Ipad apparently.


  2. I used to work in the Richmond, Nelson First Mobile store (A vodafone dealer) and I have done things like this all the time, since I have the Knowledge I would rather go that extra mile to help the customer out and make them leave with a smile, that way they tell their friends of the superb service they got and come back for more. I have actually cut 2 sims down for customers iPads and also went the extra mile and put the APN settings in. Other things I have done assuming I had my laptop at work is Jailbroken/Unlocked iPhones for Tourists etc.

    The cool thing was from this, I got rewarded, quite a few customers were so happy with me they bought me something little to show their appreciation. It’s cool to see somebody from Telecom doing the same, going the extra mile for the customer. Good on them!

    Sadly since I have left, the stores in Nelson have gone in a bit of a down-hill spiral.


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