The Yike Bike

I’ve just had a go on one of these amazing Yikebikes.

They look beautiful, and that to me is why so many people want one. It’s up there with Apple products in its ability to attract desire.

Riding it is relatively intuitive –  In my short but quick burst on the bike I found that balancing and turning was much easier if you go faster – much like it is in skiing or riding motorcycles. The speed seemed pretty good, but the brakes didn’t give a solid feel, despite seeming to be pretty effective. They do have ABS, but would want to check how it goes with an emergency stop when whizzing down one of Wellington’s hills

You accelerate by pulling up a button under the right hand bar, and brake by doing the same on the left.

The bike is wobbly at slow speed at first, and I’d recommend playing with it for a while before trying the roads. The videos and demonstrations are all without helmets, and it seems the YikeBike is in a grey area of the law. I wouldn’t consider not wearing a helmet, despite the law. 25 kmph on the road needs that sort of protection.

In short – I want one. It is beautiful in function and form – a great Kiwi story.

Published by Lance Wiggs


5 replies on “The Yike Bike”

  1. But wouldn’t you look like a complete twatty twit on one of those… pootleing around on one of those with a pipe in your mouth, and hold up traffic and frankly, just get killed.


  2. Looks like a 21st century Penny Farthing. You’re quite exposed sitting out there if you ask me. What’s wrong with a small electric moped? Is it the price point?


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