We’ve sold Groupy to Yellow

Below is the press release about the sale of the Groupy assets to Yellow. In short Yellow brings to Groupy the marketing muscle required to expand throughout NZ, while the core Groupy team will hop over to keep things moving at internet speed. Groupy was founded and led by Scott Kitney along with Andrew Hunt. […]

Place function before fashion – Mons Royale

Via Hazel Philips at NBR I read about local company Mons Royale – who make merino underwear aimed at boarders. Rather tellingly the title of the article was Fashion before Function. The clothing range is a good idea – practical merino underclothing with a bit of colour and splash, along with stying that appeals (hopefully) […]

Want to start a new company? We need developers and designers

I’m in search of designers and developers to work on a specific project. It’s going to be in competition with an existing site, so we are keeping the industry under the radar for now. Market The market is one that provides a service or product to businesses in Australia and New Zealand. There is a […]

The need for sub editing still remains

An article on Stuff with an AAP byline (but not writer’s name) reveals a little about the state of news reporting today. The original article was published in Fairfax’s Melbourne newspaper The Age yesterday – and has an author (Nicole Low). That brings us to the first finding: Big media companies share content amongst their […]

51 in the top 500 – what does it mean?

The latest Asia Pacific Deloitte Technology 500 results are out, New Zealand looks pretty good, with 51 companies making the list. It looks even better on a per-head of population basis – with New Zealand demonstrating real strength. I’d hasten to add that I do not really believe this result – as the sample is […]

What were you thinking NZHerald?

In last night’s post on NBR I made the flip comment that Stuff and NZHerald will continue to fight it out neck sand neck unless one of them does something stupid. Well today NZHerald decided that they didn’t real want people reading their news – but instead showed a large interstitial of an incomprehensible Coca […]

Has Infratil become a dodgy investment?

No – I’m sure Infratil have not changed their excellent approach to infrastructure investing, but their advertising strategy sure makes you think. I’ve been seeing their advertisements in Facebook. They may be cheap ads, but we cannot help judging them by the company they keep. No – not the friends whose pages that I see […]

Kiwibank Business – the bank responds well

It also appeared that they just didn’t want my business. Today I met with Andy Bray, the regional manager for Kiwibank business and Wellington area manager Brian Davies – in response to the previous post on Kiwibank Business. I’d left Brian a message last night, but I’m pretty sure they also got the message though […]

How not to launch an upgrade – BNZ

BNZ announces that their banking site is being refreshed. This brick wall advertisement appeared after logging in with my online banking number, password and that stupid netguard card: Problem is that after a little pause I got this: Which meant restarting Safari, re-entering my login and password and re-entering in some numbers from the stupid […]