The size of the cost-benefit

Australia’s Prime Minister Gilliard said it would be 50 pages, but instead the summary of the 400 page NBN cost benefit paper released yesterday was just 36 Pages.

Here they are:

Doesn’t this look a little like someone’s homework where they try to expand a set amount of text to reach a certain number of pages? Have a look at the first two pages of text:

There are just 28 lines of text in the first page (nice large typeface) and an orphaned 2 lines on the next page. Scanning the full document there appear to be 6 other orphaned pages, along with another 7 pages that are half a page or less. A quick reformat would see this document crunch into about 20 pages, which, to be fair, is now approaching the right length for a document that will actually be read.

That’s it. Read the document yourself if you’d like to know the actual numbers. I’m a supporter.

Published by Lance Wiggs