Beautiful giveaway

In a season of pre-Christmas shopping madness most retailers try to bombard us with special offers and incentives to buy.

The folks behind 1Password are doing something different – giving their stuff away for free.

It’s a great way to sell, and expanding their customer base is critical for Agile Web Solutions, but it also stands out amongst the rest of the emails in my inbox, and, well, just look at the beautiful design:

The 20% off store wide special is for one day only.

Published by Lance Wiggs


2 replies on “Beautiful giveaway”

  1. Funny thing is I own 1Password and use it constantly. I got this email, and still trashed it because it wasn’t immediately clear that it was actually a great offer – not just the usual promo.

    Only when I saw your post did I look again and fish it out of the trash!

    And yes – it is a great offer. Maybe “Gift a free license for Thanksgiving” might have been a better headline…


  2. Thanks Lance! I worked very hard on the design, HTML email can be difficult.

    We love doing specials like this. After everything our customers do for us (including a ton of awesome word of mouth advertising) we try to find fun ways to show our appreciation. Of course expanding our user base is great too :)

    Thanks again for the post!

    Dan V Peterson
    Lead Agile Designer


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