40,000,000 units sold

At Powerkiwi we have just gone past 40 million units of electricity sold since we launched in February 2009. That’s enough to power 5000 houses for a year, or approaching $9 million worth of power.

Our main product is FlowerPower, and over half of our sales are from top-up packs. We also sell a large amount of the better-value $84.90 packs, along with Green Power and Tree Power.

Our sales on Powershop are growing fast –  so far this financial year we’ve sold just under 33 million units, while in the previous year and a bit we sold just 7 million units. That’s impressive growth, and it mirrors the growth of Powershop itself.

The reason behind the growth is that more and more customers are switching to Powershop. The reasons? Powershop is dead simple, fun and the stories about people saving money just keep on coming.

Join in!

Published by Lance Wiggs