Electrickery – 10 alternative suggestions for changing NZ’s electricity industry

<update = 10:20, Friday morning I’ve edited this post since publishing last night.> Let’s have a look at the Greens proposal to reduce electricity prices. I’m entering this as a sceptic, but also as founder of Powerkiwi [join!]. Powerkiwi sold a good amount of power on Powershop last year – 140 million units (KWh), or […]

PowerKiwi and the Fast50

We entered PowerKiwi into this year’s Deloitte Fast50, and the results are announced tonight. Powerkiwi sells FlowerPower and other products on online electricity retailer Powershop. We’ve had an incredible growth rate over the last few years, and just hit over 220 million units of electricity sold to date through Powershop. Since launch we’ve been responsible […]

40,000,000 units sold

At Powerkiwi we have just gone past 40 million units of electricity sold since we launched in February 2009. That’s enough to power 5000 houses for a year, or approaching $9 million worth of power. Our main product is FlowerPower, and over half of our sales are from top-up packs. We also sell a large […]

Electricity company puts prices down!

PowerKiwi, a company that I am a co-founder of, today dropped prices for Flowerpower for most Powershop customers. Pricing for electricity varies by location, annual usage and the type of meters you have, but we are pleased to be able to do these special, pre-winter season, prices. Prices will, sadly, rise during the winter period […]

Powershop saves me 32.5% at the moment

So Powershop lowers switching costs, but as you can see from the headline it also lowers actual costs. So how much can you save? If you are like me – then a lot. I was using Contact, who like the other companies, charge in two ways – cents per unit consumed (kWh) and a service […]

Powershop lowers switching costs – and that is good

A while back Ari from Powershop gave me, and a few others, a demonstration of Powershop – a new way to buy electricity. It’s pretty cool – you can choose which supplier you buy your units from each time you buy. I loved the idea. It reduces the pain and cost of switching from one […]