Saving Working Group report is unreadable

I mean that I cannot read it – as the all of the PDF produced text that looks like the above. I hope this gets fixed, as I believe that whatever they are saying is important.

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5 Responses to Saving Working Group report is unreadable

  1. Bert says:

    I have no problem opening it Lance. All text and graphs look perfect. Either it’s been updated online (and fixed) or your PDF viewer is corked.


  2. Andrew says:

    You link doesnt work for me – opens your flickr account.


  3. Jimmy says:

    Lance is this blog just a platform for you to whine about other peoples layout?


    • Lance Wiggs says:

      Absolutely. Isn’t that the purpose if blogging?

      And in some good news the PDF is now fixed – I emailed the team and they have now embedded the font into the downloadable file. I’m now enjoying a crisp printout.


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