What’s the important news Stuff?

Stuff.co.nz – Feb 2, 2011, originally uploaded by LanceWiggs.

I’m disappointed in the ordering of the headlines when I went to Stuff this morning. I have no idea who the person is who has has had a third child. However the news from Egypt is surely one of the news stories of the year, and the storm that is going to hit Australia could make the recent floods seem tame.

Some perspective please.

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4 replies on “What’s the important news Stuff?”

  1. Lance, kind of sums up NZ journalism. The evening TV news is becoming more tabloid by the day. Maybe Im just getting older.

    By the way – just signed with powershop – brilliant ! But slightly confused with the diff between powershop and flowerpower – again, prob my age.


    1. Great that you are on Powershop.

      Powershop is the retailer, and they take care of stuff like lines outages, sending meter readers and collecting customer payments.

      FlowerPower, GreenPower, TreePower are brands of products sold on Powershop.

      Electricity is electricity – it doesn’t matter who you buy it from. Powershop makes it easy to do so, and the marketplace there means that we (FlowerPower) are always competing with Powershop’s own products, and in doing so we collectively drive down the price and ensure that Powershop customers are getting great deals.


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