Don’t let your Apple iOS developer license expire

One email, no reminder and BOOM. All of our 139 Lingopal applications have been removed from all of the global iTunes stores.

Apple is a cruel master – and we’ve been offline for a five days now trying to sort this out. The latest is that it will take yet another 48 hours to sort out.

We paid the developer license immediately we found out we were offline, but that was a day late as CEO Richard was offline for the weekend.

Now our rankings in every global store will be slipping and I would not be surprised to see our daily sales drop off a whole lot.

So a warning to all – pay that iOS developer license immediately it turns up.

And three requests to Apple:

  1. 1: Please send us all another reminder, or even three before you switch off our source of revenue
  2. Please switch it back on again immediately we have paid the bill – automatically
  3. Consider taking the money automatically and directly from our earnings – or allowing us to set that as a default action.

This isn’t a credit issue, it’s a process weenie issue, and as sellers of iPhone apps we have to abide by the conditions, such as they are.

Published by Lance Wiggs


6 replies on “Don’t let your Apple iOS developer license expire”

  1. Learnt that lesson the hard way in December 2009. Just as one of our apps was climbing in the UK charts, they all disappeared!

    Very tough setup Apple is running there, and as you say, very little warning as to what will happen.


  2. Guess it shows how important it is to pay your bills on time. The same goes with domain renewals, where it will be cancelled immediately and can take a day to fully switch back on again, although you willnormally get several reminders prior to it’s expiry date. I am sure in teh fine print they say something along the lines of them requiring you keep your own records of when it expires.


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