Plotting Apple’s next steps: Giant screens, merged iOS and OSX devices and cars?

A year ago, in The Steps for Apple beyond iPhone 5, I tried to map out the future of the iOS product range – focussing on the iPhone as the base. Let’s review how it went, and look at the next 12-24 months for Apple’s portable devices.   iPhone The initial miss was that the iPhone […]

Top lessons from Steve Jobs biography – it’s the products

Reading Walter Isaacson’s Steve Jobs was a privileged look into the life of a very special individual. It certainly completes the picture of the man that has emerged with increasing rapidity over the last years and months. In the spirit of what he stood for, here are what I see as five of the the key lessons we […]

The steps for Apple beyond iPhone 5

Apple are releasing another iPhone, or iPhones, tomorrow, and the rest of the industry is understandably nervous. However as what is now called smartphones catch up, Apple will increasingly be playing in a space with diminishing hardware margins. Sony used to own the Walkman market (they named it), but the remainder of that industry started […]

Don’t let your Apple iOS developer license expire

One email, no reminder and BOOM. All of our 139 Lingopal applications have been removed from all of the global iTunes stores. Apple is a cruel master – and we’ve been offline for a five days now trying to sort this out. The latest is that it will take yet another 48 hours to sort […]

The perils of customer reviews

Apple sent through a promotion email the other day – pitching the new version of We are the World. There was though, a problem when I clicked through: “Their heart is in the right place but this song is terrible.” “This new version, borne out of hubris and greed, features Auto Tune and rappers going […]

Apple is cool, but their partners are not

Apple does everything they can to make dealing with them a great experience. But they are let down by the little things, and by some pretty big things. The little things I’ve talked about before. The big things are more serious. Their partners suck. Vodaphone, Vodafone (that’s how you spell it in Australia and Optus […]

Apple: What we really need on Monday

It is a sure thing that the iPhone will be updated from Tuesday, and will even be available in a bunch of new countries, including Australia and New Zealand. I know this for sure not just because of the persistent rumours everywhere, but also as I couldn’t even follow Rowan’s advice and buy an iPhone […]