Fibre price drop

This was an early estimated wholesale price list for the Local Fibre Companies (LFCs) to charge the RSPs for access. RSPs are the Crown Fibre’s Retail Service Providers, who will be the companies that sell to us, the consumers. This is their wholesale price, to which they need to add backhaul,  international and margin.

Chorus itself will be a super-LFC – with CFH investing in Chrous as it does the LFCS. The balance of ownership will be quite different as Chorus brings substantial assets to the table.


and this is the one just released from Telecom to the NZX. The prices have fallen, which is nice, and the committed information rate for the 100 Mbit/s plan has increased.

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  1. The recent UFB and Pacfic Fibre news is all good.

    The next big issue is domestic peering/IX imo, I can’t find any mention of peering/IX in the released details of UFB so far.

    Expensive domestic backhaul will be a real handbrake on service speed and the size of data caps.

    We probably need to take a leaf out the Singaporean play book eg:

    The “market” hasn’t worked for us so far in this area with the largest ISP’s using their market power to de-peer from APE/WIX several years ago in order to force smaller ISP’s and content providers to pay for interconnection.


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