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I wrote about Whisky and More earlier, as their online store was a wonderful shopping experience. Purely in the interests of retail research, and perhaps also because the store and products were so wonderful, I decided to purchase a few products for testing purposes.

The email arrived at 8:48am on the day after the order, and with it another wonderful bit of prose:

Prose is prose – but the timely delivery of single malts is what was always going to count.

So I was impressed when the box containing said malts arrived at the shipping destination later the same day.

While the external packing was fairly rough:

The boxes of liquor were all in great shape..

..and the bottles seem appropriately filled with the correct amounts of amber liquid.

The next step is, of course, to determine whether or not the quality of said liquid is as expected. This phase of the testing could take quite some time.

Overall a highly recommended store, and one where I encourage every reader to experience by participating in the purchasing process – purely for benchmarking purposes of course.

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6 replies on “Whisky and More delivers”

  1. I’m looking forward to the results of your tasting. Whisky & More looks like a real find, near duty free prices from a retail front.


  2. Happy to provide personal comparative data and establish appropriate metrics for future measurement.


  3. I second Graeme’s response, and will have to sample my own stocks of single malt — for quality control purposes, of course.


    1. There’s a new website for whisky in NZ too. Simply to form a little community of whisky interested individuals to chat about & share whisky bottles & samples with each other (but, for which you have to sign up & agree to be R18+ to get access to the more interesting areas of the forum…):

      Slainte mhath.


  4. i once complained to whiskey & more about a certain blend of whiskey . they had a courier here next day took back the whiskey and fully refunded me despite it being my fault in a sense, as i should of known what i was buying before i brought it, i have brought numerous bottles of them that are deliciuos and extremely well priced, the best shopping i ever done. congradulations w&m……….dhammon


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