A few more reasons to use Powershop – the fine print

Powershop just upgraded their terms and conditions. Here’s a change that stuck out:

We will use our best endeavours to answer calls within one minute and to respond to online help enquiries within 2 business days.  If for some reason we don’t comply with these timeframes you can contact us again or lodge a complaint.

How many other firms use “best endeavours” to answer your call within 60 seconds? Best endeavours is a legal code-phrase, which means they will do everything they can to get that phone answered. It’s a lot stronger than “reasonable endeavours” or “reasonable commercial endeavours” – it means that answering that phone is a core business priority.


There are some other reasons to switch from the FAQ

Is there a bond or other charge to switch to Powershop?
No, we don’t require a bond

How does the direct debit set up process work?
<paraphrased> It just does – and without any paper, ever.

Do you send out paper bills in the mail?

No we don’t send out paper bills. You can go online at anytime to view and print your account history.

Will I be charged extra if I pay by credit card?

No you won’t be charged extra, there are no credit card transaction or convenience fees.

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4 replies on “A few more reasons to use Powershop – the fine print”

    1. I do so in Wellington – Powershop for electricity and gas with contact. It all just works.

      If you are spending a lot more on electricity then gas then I’d switch.



  1. So they treat emails with less of a priority than a phone call. 2 days wait is quite long. Many online companies reply within an hour of receiving emails these days.
    I prefer to email, as that way you have a record of communications


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