Introducing Define Instruments

At Texmate NZ we got tired of being confused with text editing software and our former US sister company. We were also increasingly conscious that the name that meant little to our clients or staff, and that we’ve  moved on a lot since the early days under the name.

So we embarked on a rebranding exercise.

We are now known as Define Instruments, and along with it we have a much stronger visual identity. We have upgraded our website, packaging and all marketing collateral.

We’ve also put the newest Define Instruments products front and center on the website.

It took a decent sized team to put all of this together, including Phil Roberts from Brighter Design and huge amount of work from our own designer Rachael Mulder. The process, from drafting and agreeing on a design brief through to the launch party a few weeks back, took over a year and a half. The time and effort was worthwhile, as we were able to get more people involved, and ended with a name and identity that the team and staff are justifiably proud of.

I’m sure it won’t be the last such effort, but it does signal another step on our growth journey, and one that I can’t recommend highly enough to those contemplating the move.

Meanwhile we’ve just bought three new machines to expand our production capacity and further increase quality, and have also expanded our premises by about 50% by taking over the next door facility. The machines are being commissioned last and this month.

Define Instruments is proud to supply our products, bespoke electronics design, and high quality manufacturing to some of New Zealand’s smartest and fastest growing high tech companies. We are also growing quickly – and featured as a top 10 growing technology company in the  TIN 100 2011 report.

Get in touch with the team if you would like to know more.

Published by Lance Wiggs


2 replies on “Introducing Define Instruments”

  1. Well done. The new brand looks good. ‘It does what it says on the tin.’ Which is all too rare in technology companies.

    But the quote on the website says “…don’t worry – it’s just a lick of paint. Nothing else has changed.” I can see why you’d want to comfort your customers about continuity, but that quote seems to sum up the worst (and depressingly common) attitudes of most NZ companies to branding. “It’s just putting lipstick on a gorilla.”

    I hope that in real life you went deeper and that the new name reflects your commitment to your customers and to delivering something really special for them.


    1. I agree – and the tag line doesn’t reflect the reality. There is definitely a different focus and mood at Define Instruments now. The customer and service commitment remains as strong as ever.



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