The Internet is more important for us than any other media

The New Zealand version of the World Internet Project survey, which Internet NZ funded, has just been released.
Apparently only 86% of us use the internet. I guess the others are too you, old, sick, or – and this is the big issue – poor and uneducated.
But the finding I most appreciated was that “69% of respondents rated the Internet as an important source of information ahead of television, newspapers, radio and other people”. This should speak volumes to advertisers and anyone seeking to influence people.

On the other hand only 59% use the web daily, and 58% feel the interent is important or very important in their everyday lives. The internet is a vital tool for many, but equally just not that important for a significant minority.

But then again, 72% of people that use the internet use it to buy online, and, amazingly, 48% sell things online. That’s a huge tribute to the power of Trade Me.

Published by Lance Wiggs