Dialect Payments fix your process and error message

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I tried to pay my Internet NZ for the year – actually for the next ten years – and ended up in payment provider hell.
This happens, and I let Internet NZ know, but what makes me doubly upset is the error message when I hit the refresh button after 15 minutes or so.
None of the text accepts the possibility that Dialect or their suppliers were at fault.

I would contend even that no matter what the customer did (and I didn’t fall into any of their categories) the blame for a terminated transaction lies with the payment processor unless that processor can tell exactly what happened.

What this should be is a friendly message, recognising that the recipient is probably a bit upset as their payment just failed, and giving the ability with one click to try again or go back to the originator.
The message should be short, perhaps a little self deprecating in humor and accept that the blame lies with them.
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  1. i tried to register my vehicle with NZTA, and got the same response after the payment cycle went into a loop. I canned it, came to work the next day and registered online with no problem. i have just checke my credit card and found that i have been debited twice for the payment!!!


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