Boy for sale – partially

I just checked the iTunes NZ store, and sometime between my blog post last September and now, the movie Boy was placed on NZ’s iTunes store. Excellent.

Not so excellent is the price, and that when I opened the link somehow both the SD and HD versions of the movie started automatically downloading. I have no idea why – but these sorts of things tend to happen to me.

The other issue is that Boy is still not yet available on the US iTunes store, which is where the real market resides.

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2 replies on “Boy for sale – partially”

  1. If you buy an HD movie on iTunes it downloads BOTH versions (HD and SD). You can configure iTunes to play SD by default if your hardware is not good enough now but buying HD means you get the higher resolution movie for when your hardware is better, by a discounted price.

    Obviously completely irrelevant if you already have HD-capable hardware, and extra download you won’t ever use.


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