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Wolfram Alpha just released a nice statistics pack for analysing your Facebook activity. Simply type “Facebook report” into the search bar, connect to Facebook, register for Wolfram Alpha, wait for minutes between each interaction as Wolfram Alpha is getting hammered at the moment.

I’m essentially inactive on Facebook, but did get a couple of nice charts. Here’s one showing my lack of activity:

That’s 3 updates since February 2011, less than one every 6 months. However I do send my tweets to Facebook.

You’ll get more interesting information if you are active. Below is a cluster of my friends by who is connected with who. It’s a little more disconnected than my Linked In map of connections.

There are 15 or so groups, and generally very little connection between them beyond me. On mousing over it becomes clear that these are people who I’ve met in distinct places and times.

The large grouping on the top right are Yale alumni, while the green group below and to the right of it are Washington DC and McKinsey connected. On the left in orange are the bulk of New Zealand connections. Vikas Jain, from Yale days is on the right, and Ollie Clark, from Wellington (we work together on myTours) is on the left. They work together at Wildfire in San Francisco and provide the sole connection between the groups.

The groups at the bottom represent people from South Africa, South American travels and so on. Rather amusingly one of those small groups are friends I know on Facebook from Massey University, which was after all the original reason for Facebook.

The map of friend locations shows the clustering in another way.

I could get a lot more links if I used Facebook for anything other than sending my tweets there, or accepted some of the friend requests in my queue. Nothing personal – but Facebook is too personal (and data hungry) for my tastes.

Where it gets too personal is that it seems I can now run these reports for any of my friends. I won’t blog the results.

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