Mapping your Social network

Wolfram Alpha just released a nice statistics pack for analysing your Facebook activity. Simply type “Facebook report” into the search bar, connect to Facebook, register for Wolfram Alpha, wait for minutes between each interaction as Wolfram Alpha is getting hammered at the moment. I’m essentially inactive on Facebook, but did get a couple of nice […]

The Grandmother effect is starting for Facebook

Something I wrote about for Idealog seems to be coming true: Facebook itself will also sink at some stage…. It’s very hard to predict what and when social networks will succeed and fail, but there is probably a simple test to determine the point of failure—and it’s almost certainly related to the date that your […]

Increasing interconnectiveness of the mediasphere has just added another link to the increasingly interconnected mediasphere. They’ve added the ability to login, read and post to WordPress blogs using the Twitter API. What that specifically means is that we can now post blog entries using apps like Tweetie 2.0 for the iPhone, which I am doing for this. * However […]