Favorite posts – reboot

I’ve just re-compiled the Posts I like page. That meant trawling through three years of posts. I’ve typically avoided highlighting the ones about businesses, but a few are in there.

Three that were older favorites:

And the motorcycle pictures bought back memories of snow and sand.

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  1. The buyers and sellers guide to web design and development was exceptionally good. While the list of companies mentioned didn’t (for me) reflect the leading companies in this industry, the guide itself was invaluable in how I and the rest of the team involved with the website development at Active Adventures, NZ’s largest adventure travel company, approached the project of a new website. The result, we thought, was a website that was equal or better than our competitors’ sites internationally and the company that built the site (E2 Digital in Christchurch) commented on how well we worked through the process. Much of that was inspired by that article you wrote, so thank you. It just shows that a single blog post can have a significant impact.


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