Portfolio Disclosure Oct 2014

A prompt from Rowan Simpson (16 investments, $4m) and Ben Kepes (14 investments, $500k) led me to update my own investment Portfolio page.

I’ve personally invested $780,000 into 10 companies, and have equity received as a founder in several others, totalling over 15.

Overall I’m really happy with the private investments. They are relatively small amounts of money for the companies though, as I’ve only been able to invest as I earn. The mistakes have been expensive, but the amounts were small versus more successful investments. I’ve also reinvested two or more times in some of the larger investments, where it is clear that the value is there. These reinvestments have, so far, all paid off.

It’s really hard to talk publicly about how I value my investments, as each company may have different perspectives to my own. But my own take is that I’ve seen an aggregate of over 50% IRR on the investments I’ve made, and perhaps well north of that.

With Punakaiki Fund we raised and placed about $1.5 million into four great companies, and are anticipating raising more money to invest in the next few weeks.

Published by Lance Wiggs