Define Instruments Expands into South Africa

It’s always great to see companies grow – and Define Instruments recently took their first big leap. The team has followed existing international sales by setting up a South African office. It’s the first of many new overseas offices we hope to see over the next few years, as we seek to expand distribution and direct sales. As the press release below says, a local presence means fast shipping to customers, as well as a much more effective sales process.

I’m an external director and shareholder, and  I’ve been very impressed at how Define Instruments has steadily professionalised their team and operation over the last few years, and the top line results are showing.

NZ Industrial Instrumentation Company to Launch in South Africa

New Zealand industrial instrumentation company, Define Instruments is pleased to announce it’s expansion into South Africa beginning next month.

The Auckland-based business which builds process measurement and control technology officially opens its new branch in Johannesburg on 3 Nov.

Define Instruments spent a year planning it’s entry into the new territory. Preparations included the appointment of South African technical advisor and a full-time marketing manager.

Selling to South Africa for over 5 years, the addition of a bricks and mortar office is a natural progression for Define and solidifies it’s commitment to growth in the country.

“We’ll be employing and training South African staff so we can deliver a great customer experience from end to end,” comments Sales Manager Rolla Afrogheh.

A lack of native manufacturing in South Africa means customers often wait 2-3 weeks for industrial instruments to be shipped from overseas. A wait Define Instruments is confident it can drastically reduce to standard next day delivery.

“Having people on the ground will make a huge difference to our capabilities”, says Define Instruments CEO Anthony Glucina. “We can now hold stock onshore and ensure South African customers enjoy shorter lead times than typically experienced”.

Define’s innovative products have already gained a reputation in South Africa as some of the easiest and fastest to setup. A simplicity which has proven popular with industrial technicians worldwide.

Earlier this year Define Instruments was awarded the ISO9001 international quality standard and is current working towards UL certification of its key products before entering the US market in 2015.

Published by Lance Wiggs