NZTE is offering to help you raise $1-$5m. Apply now.

NZTE (this time joining forces with Callaghan Innovation and the Asian Business Angel Forum who are looking after different categories) are once again helping companies get ready for investment by using a showcase event as a catalyst.

The last one of these was in March 2015, held for Agri-Tech businesses during the Central Districts Field Days, which is in Fielding. This built on a showcase during the Fieldays near Hamilton  in 2015, and has delivered substantially better outcomes for the companies. We are all learning, and the showcase promoted a lot more interaction between high quality companies and pre-qualified investors.

Companies in the program receive three things:

1: Workshops and coaching to help with becoming (more) investable, learning the investment process and about investors, understanding and telling your story and help with compiling a deck and a pitch. This work is done by NZTE capital specialists and external practitioners such as myself. I suspect that most of the value for the program is in this stage – helping companies get ready for investment.

2: Presence at the showcase in Queenstown on the 14th of October, including a booth, most likely, and time for 1-1 conversations with investors before and after the showcase. And of course the chance to present to (and introductions to selected)  200 or so qualified investors, many of who are from offshore.

3: NZTE help with identifying, following up and closing with investors. This, along with help with 1-1 meetings at the event is a very valuable part of the process.

NZTE have been very generous with their time, help and investment in the event in the past, and I suspect the same will apply again this year.

The showcase is a catalytic event – it helps companies move much faster in their process to become investable so that they are introduced to investors in a ready state.

Criteria and Action

NZTE are looking for technology focused companies raising between $1 and $5 million, who ideally already have credible founders and people around them – such as lead investors, advisors, deal-makers and/or board members. Also ideally you’ll be operating in international markets, especially USA and SE Asia,  as many of the investors will be from there.

There are only five slots – so get in fast and fill out the PeakApplication, returning it to

Published by Lance Wiggs