BBD CEO Summit – Keith Yamashita

Keith Yamashita from XYPartners. Seeing defects. CEO as designer. Yamashita San (I’ll refer to him as Keith from now on) worked for Steve Jobs at Next Computers as his writer when he was 26. His job was apparently to extract what was in Steve’s mind and get it on paper – an impossible undertaking. Keith […]

BBD CEO Summit – Matt Brown

Matt Brown is President and Co-Founder big BOING. His introduction, by Judith Thompson, played up that he attracted their attention when he said that play you are immersed in as a child  drives the creativity you have as an adult. Apparently that rolled through to the way he had set up his company. Trained as […]

BBD CEO Summit – Google’s David Lawee

David Lawee is VP corporate development for Google. He started by trying to articulate why Yahoo! is failing, believing it comes back to their inability to crisply identify a mission statement. (This is quite something from Google, who are failing right now to understand what they are, and are being pilloried for moving away from […]

BBD CEO Summit – Tim Brown

Tim Brown is the CEO of IDEO, and one of the thinkers who energised the beginning of the design thinking movement in New Zealand. He now says we need to move beyond that phase, noting that life expectancy of companies is dropping. The average life of a fortune 500 company is 45 years, with 40% […]