Top lessons from Steve Jobs biography – it’s the products

Reading Walter Isaacson’s Steve Jobs was a privileged look into the life of a very special individual. It certainly completes the picture of the man that has emerged with increasing rapidity over the last years and months. In the spirit of what he stood for, here are what I see as five of the the key lessons we […]

Better By Design CEO summit notes – Day 2

Day 2 from the BBD CEO summit. Jeremy Moon  restarts. Reminds that the purpose of design is to guide the user to a certain behaviour. Reintroduces Stefan’s model from yesterday Cause→ culture→ Customer experience:→Sum(Comms, Brand, Channels, People, Physical environments, Service, Product) Where customer could be consumer, trade or team. Peter Senge from MIT (via video […]

Better By Design CEO summit notes – Day 1 note 3

Last note of the day Alan M Weber, Co-founder Fast company Change and leadership are the themes of our time. Profound need for organisational change to address fundamental shifts in global realities Sees the world is full of VUCA – Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity. (I think he misses a bit here – where is […]