Our Far South – videos, photos and presentations

Over at OurFarSouth.org Rhian has published the summary presentations and videos that we have to date. First – the videos. They are pretty small – and it’s kinda fun to play them all at once. King Penguins Eternally entertaining. Elephant Seals The noises, oh the noises. Sea Ice Thankfully not strong enough for the ship. […]

How important is Antarctica to the New Zealand Government?

The MED’s Briefings to Incoming Ministers are a wonderful institution, and a must read for anyone interested in NZ Government policy. They were released today, and survey all of the major issues that ministers need to know for their portfolio. A group of us are of on a boat from Friday next week to promote […]

Mining in Antarctica

I’m somewhat surprised to see the NZ Government reported as the ones to place the thin wedge on exploitation of Ross Sea. “New Zealand is set to veto any attempt to completely protect the world’s last unexploited ocean –  so a lucrative fishing industry can continue operating. An official New Zealand document leaked to Fairfax […]