Our Far South – videos, photos and presentations

Over at OurFarSouth.org Rhian has published the summary presentations and videos that we have to date. First – the videos. They are pretty small – and it’s kinda fun to play them all at once.

King Penguins Eternally entertaining.

Elephant Seals The noises, oh the noises.

Sea Ice Thankfully not strong enough for the ship.

Southern Ocean and Antarctica Te Radar manages to upstage the actual Southern Ocean expert.

Next Stop: Antarctica Earlier in the journey

Then we have some very pretty presentations – lots of photos and coverage of the key issues we discussed. We were very lucky to have some superb scientists along for the voyage.
First up is Su Yin Khoo’s journey in pictures (none of these is really suitably small for dial-up or slow ADSL):
The journey in pictures

Next we have the key message slide packs by Geoff Simmons, with an assist from Su Yin and myself and some more stunning pictures.
OFS Summary Messages Introduction.pptx
OFS Summary Messages Climate Change.pptx
OFS Summary Messages Race for Resources.pptx
OFS Summary Messages Conservation & Wrap up.pptx

Finally we have some specialist presentations for schools, thanks to Judith McKendrey, John McCrystal, Sarah Wilcox and the second hardest working person on the trip – Rhian Salmon. The hardest working was Gareth Morgan – who of course put the whole trip together.

OFS Schools presentation.pptx
Notes for School Visits.docx

This scratches the surface of the lectures and work that we got through – if you would like to dive deeper into any of these topics then get in touch.

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