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Name suppression – the judge’s findings and how to do it properly

Whale Oil failed in his case (at least so far) and is up for some eight thousand of dollars in fines and fees. To me it was clear that his actions were breaching the law, but it’s the considered opinion … Continue reading

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What I’m looking for from the Tax Working Group

The Tax Working Group is due to issue their report this week. Here are the things I’ll be looking for as I  judge their proposals: Simple. Paying tax is an administrative burden, and compliance takes time and money. A great … Continue reading

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5 Recent posts that I like – and a new page

I’ll be on Kathryn Ryan’s Nine to Noon program on Radio NZ at about 9:20am Monday 22nd. There are a few potential topics to cover – including why NZ is a good place to be right now, what businesses can … Continue reading

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Let’s deliver mail once a week

From this great illustration of the average US Postal Service residential customer’s mailbox we can glean some interesting facts. Amongst them is numerical evidence as to why I don’t check my mail very often. There are almost 200 billion pieces … Continue reading

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Two McKinsey pieces on education – do read them

Two astonishing reports on education from McKinsey. The first shows the effect that the USA’s poor schools have had on their economy – and was just released. It finds the economic loss in the order of US$2,400 billion to $4,200 … Continue reading

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How to blog anonymously

As we progressively lose our freedoms on the internet, it was timely to have a read of some of the excellent material written by Harvard University’s Berkman Center for Internet and Society – it’s part of the Harvard Law School … Continue reading

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We are being watched now

Via the NBR I hear that ISPs can snoop on us from April the 5th. S92 was nothing. The Telecommunications (Intercept Capability) Act, coming into full force on April 5, will let the Police, SIS and the GCSB (Government Communications … Continue reading

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