Name suppression – the judge’s findings and how to do it properly

Whale Oil failed in his case (at least so far) and is up for some eight thousand of dollars in fines and fees. To me it was clear that his actions were breaching the law, but it’s the considered opinion (Thanks Kiwiblog) of Judge Harvey that really matters here: “The remaining nine charges having been […]

What I’m looking for from the Tax Working Group

The Tax Working Group is due to issue their report this week. Here are the things I’ll be looking for as I  judge their proposals: Simple. Paying tax is an administrative burden, and compliance takes time and money. A great tax system will be very simple to understand, have no room for lawyers and accountants […]

Two McKinsey pieces on education – do read them

Two astonishing reports on education from McKinsey. The first shows the effect that the USA’s poor schools have had on their economy – and was just released. It finds the economic loss in the order of US$2,400 billion to $4,200 billion of GDP in 2008 alone. That’s more than enough to compensate for the current […]

Trains, buses and cars – we need them all

A nice rant by Bernard Hickey against the rushed Auckland electrification decision. I’m not arguing with him on the rushed aspect, nor on the specifics of this particular decision, which seem to be remarkably absent. However the comments have unveiled a cars versus buses versus trains versus whatever war. Let me copy my comment on […]

Dissecting the NZ Job Summit output – Group outputs

The Government sponsored Jobs summit was on Friday, and on the beehive website you can read the input documents, breakout descriptions, attendees, power point bullet outputs and  a top 20 laundry list. So lets get to it. I believe a summit was a good idea – the depression looms, and that also the focus on […]

Why this site is in #blackout

#blackout Section 92A of  Amended New Zealand Copyright Act comes into effect on the 28th of February, 2008. The chilling effect of 92A has been reported here before – one email to an unused address, and a family’s internet connection was switched off. It is pleasing that MP’s from all sides have indicated that this […]

Alcohol and driving: make it 0.0% or forget it

Good news  – the NZ Government wants to look at reducing the drink driving limit from 0.8 g/l to 0.5 g/l.  It’s been 0.5g/l in Australia for years – folk over 40 will remember Peter Brock always had had 05 on his car, as that was the limit for drink driving. But is it the […]

Less death on the roads, but more to do

A huge reduction this year in NZ road fatalities, continuing a fantastic series. What’s stark is the reduction since 1987, which is around about the time, as I recall, when the advertising campaigns really stepped up, drink driving was finally perceived by most people as a bad thing and random stops came in: These stats are […]

Let’s stop MPs drinking and lawmaking

At BHP Billiton sites you have to be able to blow 0.00 on an alcohol breathalyzer before walking into any facility. This is not only to prevent operators of machinery from causing harm, but also to prevent poor decisions being made by anybody that could also cause harm. It’s a very real rule, and jobs […]