NZ online ads spend has world’s highest growth

According to the latest stats from WARC (and via my father Glen Wiggs), NZ had the highest year on year growth for online advertising expenditure last year.

NZ online ad spend rose by 184.8%, well in excess of number 2 Lithuania, at 69.4%.

Next was the UK, where online ad spend growth was a solid 61.1%, on a high base, while the US was 20th fastest at 26%.

The USA tops the spend per capita list with $42 per person, while the UK was right behind at $41.70 per person. That makes the UK growth all the more impressive and shows that there is plenty of growth left for all countries.

While the Scandinavian countries show up pretty high, it is interesting to see how well Australia is doing. More on that soon.

Country    Spend/Pop. 

1st: USA            $42.00

2:    UK              $41.70

3:    Norway      $31.56

4:    Sweden      $24.10

5:    Australia    $23.5

12:   NZ              $7.70

26:   Lithuania  $0.80

Published by Lance Wiggs