Judgment day – when will US and China, India and others

It’s hard to see how the United States can resume the rapid GDP growth necessary to reduce its fiscal deficit when almost 20 percent of its working population is unemployed or underemployed. A McKinsey Quarterly report on Globalisation’s Critical Imbalances. Prepare for large currency shifts between developed and rapid developing countries. If we are lucky […]

Bad news for Cricket: Sponsor Standford is being investigated

Via the WSJ it appears that Stanford International is under investigation: Stanford International Bank Ltd. of Antigua recently failed to provide some $16 million in funding to a small Florida telecommunications firm, while a small Alabama health-care firm said it was unable to complete a roughly $62 million merger after funding fell through.  ….The disclosures […]

Lower the barriers to raise car ownership

New Zealand has the third highest car ownership per person in the world, the economist informs us. That’s amazing, especially as tiny Luxembourg tops the list. It’s especially amazing when you are standing at a rental car counter during summer and unable to get a car. Luxembourg is only 80 x 30 kms, and while […]

Final Ferrit: The site idea and execution

Part two of  a four part take on the end of Ferrit. We started with Market Space, and business economics and governance failure are next. The idea of the Ferrit site So while there was a space, the proposed way to address that space was flawed. The  problem was that the proffered solution didn’t offer […]

Rio Tinto: Tiwai Point will be fine, but Kiwis will be affected

With 14,000 workers going from Rio Tinto, the folk at Tiwwai Point’s aluminium refinery are apparently nervous. They have “787 full time staff and 133 contractors” down there in the deep South, a bit under 1% of Rio’s total of 110,000 staff and contractors. So Rio is getting rid of 12.7% of it’s workers, which […]

Please don’t bail out GM

I have to agree with Greg Saunders, posting at Tom Tomorrow on this: “When it comes to bailing out the auto industry, count me in the “let them starve” camp. The auto industry has been outsourcing American jobs for 25 years now with little regard for the devastated communities they’ve left in their wake (seriously, […]

Building a Strategy for New Zealand – some starters

Here are a few starter strategy phrases. They should give some flavour of the sorts of things that could make good goals. The idea is not to have a goal cover everything, but to address the key things that drive the big changes in the big numbers. Let’s take life expectancy as an example. We […]