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Judgment day – when will US and China, India and others

It’s hard to see how the United States can resume the rapid GDP growth necessary to reduce its fiscal deficit when almost 20 percent of its working population is unemployed or underemployed. A McKinsey Quarterly report on Globalisation’s Critical Imbalances. … Continue reading

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Global warming and you

Here’s  excellent graphic from FiveThirtyEight via Treehugger and via New Zealand’s The visible hand showing data from a report from the the Yale Forestry and Environmental Studies School Climate Change project. It needs no explanation. The project’s survey: “Climate Change … Continue reading

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How to blog anonymously

As we progressively lose our freedoms on the internet, it was timely to have a read of some of the excellent material written by Harvard University’s Berkman Center for Internet and Society – it’s part of the Harvard Law School … Continue reading

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The real estate market plunge

Alex Tarrant over at had a couple of, well, interesting posts on the housing market in NZ. There is a piece on the February housing statistics, which rose dramatically versus January, although the median price stayed down, and the … Continue reading

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Bad news for Cricket: Sponsor Standford is being investigated

Via the WSJ it appears that Stanford International is under investigation: Stanford International Bank Ltd. of Antigua recently failed to provide some $16 million in funding to a small Florida telecommunications firm, while a small Alabama health-care firm said it … Continue reading

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Lower the barriers to raise car ownership

New Zealand has the third highest car ownership per person in the world, the economist informs us. That’s amazing, especially as tiny Luxembourg tops the list. It’s especially amazing when you are standing at a rental car counter during summer … Continue reading

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Final Ferrit: The site idea and execution

Part two of  a four part take on the end of Ferrit. We started with Market Space, and business economics and governance failure are next. The idea of the Ferrit site So while there was a space, the proposed way … Continue reading

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