Reselling tickets takes a step backwards

Two disturbing articles today – one that eBay UK will not allow reselling of tickets to the giant Concert for Diana, and the second that New Zealand is introducing laws restricting re-sales of tickets to “big events” to a maximum of face value.

People – you cannot fight economics, and you will lose in the long run. Resellers will just find another way to sell their tickets, and it will be a lot less safe than sale through online auctions, where sellers leave a wide trail.

If I want to buy a ticket to the Diana concert then let me.

If I want to go to the rugby world cup then let me.

If you are concerned about people making excess profits then put in place a process where you make the excess profits yourself. Be prepared, however, to take on the same risk that the scalpers do – but at least you won’t have empty seats.

Published by Lance Wiggs