new news sites

Stuff and NZHerald upgraded late last week. I should really, and much before now, have commented on the new design of both. Frankly neither of them really do it for me and I have simply stopped looking at them. The sunny days probably have something to do with it…

Friday page impressions were up against the previous Friday for Stuff but well down (-18%) for NZHerald. Unique browsers were also down, while average page durations and average session durations rose. Stuff saw a big increase (+13%) in pages viewed per session, while NZHerald saw a decrease (-10%). Stuff visitors saw 10.7 pages each on average, while NZHerald’s made do with 7.4.

So – round 1 of the stas goes to Stuff, and yes their site is easier to navigate than NZHerald’s.

Meanwhile it’s close up time for the next month in New Zealand  – so comparitive traffic
stats are pretty useless when everyone is watching cricket, at the pub or on a beach.

Published by Lance Wiggs