NZ Shop – update

three new bits of information 1: T’s and C’s for NZShop les through Ferrit states that DVD’s ‘usualy ship 5-10 days’ after order, which implies that NZShop does not hold inventory. Good move.

2: a quick search of the website shows that NZShop has been around since 1995, which is pretty cool, and that NZShop’s address is in an industrial area. Amusingly google maps shows it to be a vacant lot, which means it is a new building..

3:  One of the directors is also about, it seems, to launch a price comparison site – priceme

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  1. Yes I can confirm that the NZ Internet Shop has been trading since 1995, long before most other online shops in NZ! We started out with vitamins, moved to computers, and now also sell chocolates and DVDs.

    As you correctly guessed there is no inventory, and it is essentially run on a day to day basis by one of the directors, whilst another one handles the IT side of things (there are three of us).

    What I find interesting is those sites that come in with massive budgets and expectations (ie or and collapse after a short period. Other than TradeMe, there are no real standouts in the NZ ecommerce world, and I expect that NZ’s relatively low population size accounts for that.

    When I order books now, I simply go to Amazon which has a selection that can’t be matched in NZ, and prices which are probably quite similar to buying locally.


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