NZHerald Safari woes

My woes with NZHerald and Safari continue. It seems that if the wrong ads are served then the page just will not load.

Good ads:

Fly Buy’s perfect present generator – Flash, but static

Bad ads:

Everything else, including “Emirates” flash horror, Rialto Channel, “Big Wednesday”, Ferrit… Even “Velux” – seems to be a static GIF, but the property page where it resides just will not load.

The Effect:

It changes – but basically the effect is to block access to the sections of NZHerald that have the dodgy ads. Today that means everything except for the front page is unviewable – unless I reload the page incessantly. Given that I read all of my news & blogs via Safari, that means that NZHerald is dropping off my radar. Remember that pretty much everyone that reads the Herald also reads Stuff, and that Apple owners are a pretty interesting and influential demographic group…

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  1. Yep Lance have exactly the same problem and wish someone knew the solution. I´m trying to keep in touch with events all the way in Iceland so the herald is really my only means. Very frustrating!


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