NZHerald ads

Some ads are back – there is a Microsoft one (that’s smart enough to know I’m on a mac) served up by – which is not the former doubleclick method. There is also a super slow Sorted ad – served by, which is Neilsen. The ad appears quickly enough, but clicking on the link garners you a 6 second pause before a new window opens.

Then there is also an AirNZ/Victoria button served by (which came up ok).

There are still no banner ads on top of the page, and those google ads are still everywhere. I now see google ads for Lexus, Ferrit and Autobase (who feed motors dealer listings to Trade Me), along with Qantas, who were there before. Meanwhile is advertising Devenport real estate – nice one Chris.

Stuff has Ferrit on the homepage, Southern Institute of Technology on the tower slot, and that’s about it, aside from Vodafone soponsorship of the entertainment section and Suzuki sponsorship of the motors section. It’s bleak days for the online advertising industry.

Published by Lance Wiggs