eBay no longer fun?

One, two , three interesting posts from the eBay eCommerce forum, happening now. ebaystrategies is live blogging from there, and the linked posts are from a presentation by Meg Sloan on consumer research. Some snippets:

Meg’s team divide buyers into four categories:

– Shopping driven passionates
– Convenience driven enthusiasts
– Price driven value finders
– Price driven bargain seekers

People that are not great targets are those who desire speed, who don’t like to shop online (duh) and who don’t like shopping (double duh).

eBay buyers see eBay’s brand as having a significant entertainment factor as well as eCommerce (and technology/internet).

However, top of the top issues that buyers have with shopping on eBay was that the fun factor has gone, followed by high shipping costs, while there were a plethora of the general complaints (bad feedback, late shipping etc.) that the auction model sometimes presents.

The fun factor disappearing is probably because the eBay USA site is enormous, with the big sellers now huge businesses. Transactions and feedback has lost it’s personal touch. If the individual buyers and tiny sellers are not having fun, then they may start taking notice of the time it takes to list and sell products, and they will also become more price sensitive.

Published by Lance Wiggs