Ferrit as a price comparison engine – not good

Adam points out the Ferrit serves a purpose as a price comparison site, and Peter Wogan chimes in and agrees in the comments.

Unfortunately Hitwise numbers (which I am the first to admit are not the most reliable) show that Ferrit is ‘far behind’ price comparison leaders Pricespy and Smilecity. Those sites are both, as far as I can tell, run on a shoestring, and are doing very well.
Sadly we cannot confirm this data with with the official NetRatings stats, as I cannot see either Smilecity or Pricespy there. (Both those sites should be in the NetRatings stats, and should be pushing those stats at advertisers and retailers….)

Meanwhile Rowan is accusing me of a “rant” against Ferrit, which has with this post has apparently turned into a “crusade”. It’s not meant to be a crusade per se – I have not blogged about Ferrit for a while. I guess I am just expressing the frustration that those of us in the business and the internet industries are feeling as we watch a partially Government owned company invest and reinvest in a seemingly pointless endeavour.

There is value in that space, but the sledgehammer advertising led approach is not the way – Rowan’s comments on usability are right on the money.

Published by Lance Wiggs